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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2 news. >> they are pegging the up the pieces in the nation's heartland, mourning the dead and amazing stories of survival. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm maureen naylor, heather holmes is off tote. the hardest hit regions appear to be southern indiana and eastern kentucky and these pictures tell the story. this is a tornado that hit henryville, indiana yesterday. the storm killed at least one
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person and severely daniel damaged that city. >> one of the hardest hit communities is marysville, indiana, across the ohio refer from louisville, kentucky. reporter craig boswell is there with how people are lending a hand. >> reporter: ken, good evening to you. there is a path of destruction that stretches for miles across the hoosier state, 14 confirmed dead. in the tiny town of marysville, indiana, tornado survivors are shell-shocked. >> it's just unbelievable. the naked eye can't hardly see all the damage it really did do here. the whole place wiped out like that. >> reporter: the national weather service says the ef-4 tornado shredded this place and move on. it's back-breaking work sorting through the rubble, but stories are emerging, tales of the generosity of complete strangers. >> i had a guy pull in this morning and said you want us to
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take that tree off your house. we'll do for free and while they are cutting it, two guys walked up to me in evansville, indiana. >> reporter: as neighbors vowed to rebuild, they are leaning on each other, sharing each other's stories of survival. >> she said daddy, the roof is coming off the house and as soon as she said that, he said, the phone went dead. >> reporter: that young lady made it out alive and now he has put this deadly storm in perspective. >> i thought he was crying over what he left, but said no, john, i still got my family. that was his house there, the slab. >> reporter: authorities say everyone in marysville is accounted for. and now that the storms have moved out, cold wither weather has moved as families here begin to rebuild and reconstruct their lives. ken back to you. >> thanks craig there are some remarkable stories of survival.
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crews found a 2-year-old girl alive in this indiana field. hospital officials say she is the only survivor of a family of five. at least 14 people in indiana died in the storms. you will find more coverage of the storms on our website, we put together speller slide shows of the aftermath. you will find them under the "deadly weather" tab. tonight a star stud reading of a play based on the federal trial, the legality of proportion 8 was streamed on the web and one taking place was colfer from "glee." the may was written by dustin black who won an oscar for the screenplay of milk, based on the live of harvey milk. he based the plays from the transcript of the trial and
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interviews with plaintiffs. george clooney, brad pitt, martin sheen, kevin bacon, jane lynch and matthew morrison and jaime lee curtis took part in the reading. tonight ktvu's eric rasmussen is live at san francisco international airport with what is happening. >> reporter: i took another walk through the terminals and i have to tell you there is still a significant line at unite's international ticket counter. people still complaining about the amount of time it's taking to check-in and the frustration is certainly flowing on twitter. i'm seeing words like "nightmare," and others i simply can't say here on tv. and tonight we did get a chance to talk to some of the people coming home to the bay area. the merger of united and continental airlines has happened in the sky, but some passengers had no idea they would be flying on the day the airline giants turned two computer systems into one. >> only when we got to the airport. they gist said oh, they are doing this merge now and it's
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all happening today and we haven't quite figured it out. they were in the mel of a 23- hour journey home to the bay area from a business trip in poland when trouble struck in chicago. >> they don't call our names until they are ready to board us. >> only for us to find out that the entire ticketing system was completel muj. manual. >> reporter: that the vast majority of the process is going well. the continental website also switched to united today, a message on-line promised the transition is almost complete. but it was little consolation for those weary faces. obviously, something went wrong. so unfortunate for the employees they take the brunt of all of our frustrates. you know, you try to be patient with them, but at the same time, when you are as tired as we are, it's kind of hard not to, you know, start thumb wrestling some people to get your way. [ laughter ] >> reporter: some people say they spent
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hours on hold with united tonight. the company says it's brought more people to work the phone lines. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news nfl was a prib of a different sort at another u.s. airport. the on the ground collision in detroit coming up. police in san francisco are looking for a hit-and-run driver who seriously injured a pedestrian. investigators say the driver of an el camino jumped the curve at potrero avenue. a man was struck and taken to san francisco general hop. the driver of the el camino drove away. bay area law enforcement officers are trying to find a teenager with cerebral palsy and other medical issues. police say this young teenager 15-year-old andre seine colon is 5'1", 111 pounds and uses crutches. police say he is at-risk because he should take medication twice a day and he
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has no medicine with him. anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact police immediate will l. a san josi apartment is at the center of one of the biggest drug busts in u.s. history. as ktvu's janine de la vega reports the millions of dollars of drugs were all recently discovered because of a stolen ipad. >> reporter: apartment 101 insided woods apartment complex is sealed off, federal authorities say inside they found boxes and boxes of methamphetamine, 750 pounds of it. the drug which looks like this has a history street value. >> 34 million worth of methamphetamine. >> wow, that is really amazing. >> reporter: the drug enforcement administration or dea says palo alto police were investigating a case of stolen ipad as the apartment thursday had they found the drugs. it was packaged plastic bags similar to the meth shown here at a prior unrelated bust. agents found a laboratory that was being used to convert meth
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from powder into the crystal form. >> is this absolute ally a major find. this is just of the tip of the iceberg. the investigation is just in the very preliminary stages and it's ongoing at this time. >> reporter: dea agents will be looking into who else is connected to the drug lab. they say the location could have acteds a distribution hub for other criminal networks. the property management is concerned and working with police. >> it's obviously a unique situation and it's unfortunate for everybody involved. >> reporter: the news shocked and concerned neighbors, especially since harmful chemicals were being ham the. >> it makes you know more like who lives next door or who is here? now you really never know what place is safer than others. >> reporter: three adultses were arrested on state drug charges. they are being held at the santa clara county jail and expected to be arraigned next week. janine de la vega kaufeldt charles. >> police station in oakland are investigating the 21st
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homicide of year. officers respond to to reports of shots fired this morning. investigators say an 18-year- old map shot several teems was found on the sidewalk nearby stone ford avenue. he died at the scene. so far no arrests have been made and no word on a motive. a fire led to the evaluation of several horses. fire crews were called to the marion stables around 6:00 this evening to check out a report of downed wires. they found the second floor of the barn on fire. crews were able to get all of the horse out of harm's way and put the fire out before it spread to the bottom efloor. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. investigators are working with pg&e to determine the cause of that fire. is onlia county prosecutors dropped five charges against the owners of the apartment complex. the fire left three residents
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dead. it was determined later that the fire was caused by resident who fell asleep with a lit cigar. but the owners and operators of the home were charged with manslaughter and elder will abuse after fire investigators found problems with the building's fire alarm system. those charges were dropped on thursday due to a lack of evidence. in our political watch tonight, four straight wins for republican presidential candidate mitt romney after winning the washington state caucuses. romney holds a double-digit lead with about 37% of the vote. ron paul received about 25%. rick is an your name was close behind with 24%. ron paul greeted voters in seattle today in a last-minute bid for caucus votes. paul was the only candidate who spent time in the state.
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the republican candidates for president are looking ahead to the 10-state supertuesday primaries. mitt romney had sharp criticism for president obama's hamming of the war in afghanistan during a town hall neating in daytona. a woman whose daughter served in afghanistan says her daughter doesn't understand the mission. romney told her, how in the world can the commander-in- chief sleep at night if their are soldiers who don't know what they are doing there? also in ohio rick santorum blamed the rise in single parent family for a society where "morality and freedom are breaking down." the former senate said he will not back away from talking about social issues despite criticism that the tactic may polarize voters. newt gingrich met with voters at the saloon in hamilton, ohio and says he is confident he pick up delegates in the buckeye state. ohio is the biggest prize on tuesday with 66 out of 419 supertuesday delegates up for grabs. the former house speaker is hoping for a win in his former state of georgia.
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rush limbaugh today apogged to to a georgetown apologized to a georgetown law student today. the college student testified on capitol hill she wanted insurance to cover birth-control. limbaugh apologized for what he called his insulting word choices saying he did not mean to make a personal attack. his comments prompted to companies to pull ads from his program. the bay area is preparing for its first-ever visit from the president of israel. president shimon peres is set to arrive in san francisco tomorrow. the nobel laureate will meet with mark zuckerberg and goal headquarters. crews rescued a man from
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the waters off san mateo coast. the man was spotted a few hundreds yards offer moss beach. once he jumped in he was in the water for about five minutes. a rescue team responded from the sheriff's office, coast guard and state park police. as we taken back to shore and into an ambulance. he was tape to a nearby hospital. his condition has not been released. distance the capitol hill and the message that college students plan to deliver at the tax plan that they are supporting. it's a borders dispute putting some neighbors against planning commissioners, but is it misplaced frustration. what police are saying about the discover of three bodies inside a modesto home. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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[ stu ] yeah. it's electric. i don't think so. it's got a gas tank right here. electric tank, right over here. an electric tank? really, stu? is that what you pour the electricity in? it's actually both, guys. i can plug in and go 35 miles gas free, or i can fill up and go a whole lot farther. is that my burger? oh. i just got bun. i didn't even bite any burger.
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. a pilot of a vintage military helicopter made a crashlanding in arizona during a television shoot. the pilot and crewmember walked away from that crash. the helicopter was hovering about 200 feet above the ground whether the pilot says there was a mechanical failure that forced him into the ground. remarkable that they survived. the chopper was part of the show called "top gear korea" when it crash. a delta airline plane full of passengers knocked over eye
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bus parked on the tarmac of detroit's airport today. the passenger took this video of the shuttle bus tipped over on its side. nobody was on the bus. and nobody was injured on the plane. officials say the left wing of the delta md-80 clipped the shuttle buss as it was taxiing to the gate. the faa and airport police are investigating the accident. voters gathered in the south bay to drum up support for a proposed parcel tax. the ballot initiative would raise $2.5 million for the santa clara unified school district through a parcel tax costing each homeowner in the district $84 a year for five years. >> it will mean we can keep counselors, librarians, all of the things that we need to to compliment of our classrooms and really provide a good education. >> today the group made phone calls and signed up to talk precincts to generate public support. the measure needs two thirds approval to pass. voting is set for may 8thpy a
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mail-in ballot. some bay area college students are going to great lengths to get their message out. as ktvu's lorraine blanco found out they are in the middle of a 99-mile journey and finding unique ways to pass time. >> reporter: it's a gorgeous saturday for a walk, but these college student say it's a 99-mile journey for educational justice. >> our tuition goes up every semester, our classes are being cut and the university is being privatized. a lot of people having to drop out and taking on two and three jobs and it's not right. >> reporter: one student carrying the stars and stripes upside- down. the 50 marchers started in oakland thursday and will end their adventure with a mass demonstration on monday. >> halfway on their 99-mile journey and spirits are up and some are even studying along the way. >> i guess i'm trying to multitask of the i think it's a little pointless for us to go
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on the march for education if we don't study. because we're here for our rights to be medicated. this freshman keeps on trekking even with a political science midterm on tuesday. >> it's been much more festivity than i expected. it's been super cheerful and nice and sunny and we have got a lot of people from people going by. >> a huge students held a huge pencil saying, "tax the rich to teach the children." supporters believe it could raise up to $9 billion a year and more than half of that money go to to schools. loreane blanko, ktvu channel 2 news. the first of several town hall meetings was held to tackle muni's budget programs. the municipal transit authority herd comments from the public at its headquarters on van ness
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avenue. as they try to close their $53 million budget deficit. four more town hall meetings are scheduled for later this month. east bay planning commission in one city could inadvertently affect another community. jade hernandez is live to report on the border dispute. >> reporter: that is right. the state mandates pleasant hill designate a specific area for an emergency homeless sheriff's department temporary or otherwise. neighbor say it's too close to this park, a school and children's gym concord len hester park is an everyday stop for this man and his dog. >> we're very concerned this area might become a hangout for people who are homeless. it has been in past. >> reporter: and could be again, says andrews, if pleasant hill planning commissioners designate a light industrial
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area for an emergency homeless shelterrial the wodhams live near this park and whether the shelter is temperaturery or not are divided on the subject. >> i believe in homeless shelters and i don't have a problem if it's in our backyard. >> reporter: more cautious is his wife. fair oaks elementary is just down the street. >> i would probably feel a little more leary than my husband having to be so close to us, because you do worry about, you know, you hear sometimes things that aren't so positive. >> reporter: colony park neighborhood association chair told me last week's session in pleasant hill was well-attended and he has been part of an extensive letter-writing campaign. andrews says this could be an uphill battle. >> unfortunately, it's concord residents who are showing up at pleasant hill council meeting, so that is an issue that we are hoping can be overcome. >> reporter: pleasant hill planning commissioner robert
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abbott wouldn't comment on- camera, but stressed nothing has been decided. after the study session, he says a public hearing would be held. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. an appeals court is ordering the regulation of one of three bay area men who kidnapped a school bus full of children three decades ago. they ruled that richard schoenfeld has completed his sentence. they were convicted of taking the children and bus driver to a livermore quarry, where they were buried in a large van. the victims escaped. woods and james schoenfeld have not been granted parole. police in modesto are investigating a shooting that ended with three people dead. officers say they found a man in his 30s, a woman in her 20s and a 16-year-old boy shot dead inside a home around 4:00 a.m. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. they say it does not look like
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a murder-suicide and the two- story house was not a problem home. they say there is no ongoing danger to the community eyewitness news reporter a sea otter credited as being the first to raise other rescued sea otters died today at the monterey bay aquarium. the aquarium has long had rehabed otters and staff says the otter toola was a valuable part of their team since she herself was rescued from pismo beach in 2001. summer sessions have been canceled at solano community college due to budget cuts. officials capsuled the classes at the school's four campuses and says the move saves the school a million dollars and allows for a mostly full classes for the spring and fall. it will also save jobs and provide of a financial cushion if voters reject the governor's november tax initiative harowing
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stories from the front line. and they might not normally be able to afford it, but the big helping hand that they received today. coming up i will let you know if the warm weather pattern lasts through the weekend and if we could be dodging a few sprinkles.
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. the u.s. government says it will tone its case against bp over the gulf oil spill despite a tentative deal the company reached yesterday with the largest group of private claimants. oil giant bp said it each reached a settlement with thousands of plaintiffs. if approved by the court the deal would set a lawsuit file by 100,000 individuals and businesses. the oil spill began in april, 2010 that killed eleven workers and led to a 4.9 billion
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oil spill. from sierraa a syria today, the government's blocked a red cross convoy with food and medical supplies from entering the city of homs. an injured british war photographer smuggled out of the country called the situation desperate and called for immediate international help. >> the massacre and the killings is at full tilt and unfortunately, they are coming up to me saying where is the help? people brought me half a baby and saying save my baby. where is the help? and i have no answer. i don't know how we can stand by and watch this. it's not a war. it's a massacre. it's indiscriminate massacre of men, women and children nfl the bodies of two western
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journalists were handed over to foreign diplomats today. in other news of the world toy in poland at least 15 people died when two trains collided head-on on the warsaw krakow lane. investigators are treeing to determine why one of the chain train was on the wrong track. firefighters say the rescue was difficult and complicated because the train cars were severely damaged. in moscow polling is underway in the countryer's presidential election. tens of thousands of russians have trained to work as observers. many say they are concerned after there were allegations of widespread fraud. prime minister vladimir putin is widely expected to win the election. mr. putin was rusey's press from 2000-2008, but barred from the constitution from serving a
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third consecutive term. the first hearing phot underway in the criminal investigation. costa concordia crewsship disaster. family members of some of the victims arrived at the courthouse for the pre-trial hearings. the judge assigned four experts to analyze the cruise ship's data recorder. those results are expected in july. prosecutors must decide whether to seek a trial against the captain and officials with the cruise ship company, which is owned by miami-based carnival cruises. in santa cruz three people are in jail accused of stealing items from the beach boardwalk and downtown areas. police arrested the three yesterday after reports of a theft around the boardwalk. officers saw the three had stolen tools, drugs and syringes their possess. no health insurance? no problem, the event today that helps dozens of bay area residents that might not normally get the necessary medical attention that they need there. >> and the event that had
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people lining up for hours and the charity benefiting from all the attention.
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. almost three dozen people who endured serious physical ailments because they have no health insurance finally found eleaf. allie rasmus with the volunteer effort that saved livers. >> reporter: surgeons at kaiser hospital in san francisco sew up the muscles in a patient's abdomen. this surgery can cost $10,000 without insurance, but for this patient, he was one of the 33 people who received free surgery as part of a program called operation access. >> a lot of these patients do have jobs, but their employers either don't offer health insurance. so the non-profit matches
10:32 pm
patient and dollars. at kaiser, more than a hundred dollars and nurses donated their time. >> i think it's really unfortunate that we have a system in america where with you can work so hard and still not have health insurance. this is just my small way and everybody else's little way of giving back. >> reporter: the types of surgeries that they are doing here, colon oscoppies and other surgeries. >> the purpose is to restore them to good health, enable them to go back to work and take care of their families. >> that is what this man is looking forward after his foot surgery. >> i am glad i can wear my shoes and get back to work. >> reporter: and get rid of the sandals he was forced to wear four years
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ago. some bay area children have brighter smiles tonight follow a free dent al clinic in oakland. at highland hospital dentists anyl give days smile provides free cleaning and other treatments for low-income children. >> i think everybody is happy to know that they can doing in something that they always dreaded. >> staffers from the hospital, along with the university of pacific school of dentistry cared for the children. ross retailer sales were up 14%. those gains exceeded wall street's expectations. the company's ceo said mile weather prompted people to get out and shop. >> apple's ipad could hit a milestone in sales this year. experts say that puts apple on track to sell 100 million ipads
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by the end of this year. the prediction comes as speculation grows about the ipad 3. apple expected to unveil the newest ipad on wednesday. bargain hunters lined up this morning for the ultimate in rummage sales in what has become a decades long oakland tradition. hundreds waited for the opening of the 53rd annual white elephant sale including vintage clothing k- furniture, jewelry, and more. the sale draws shoppers from all over the state. >> a lot of them came from out of town. >> oh, really oh, yeah. >> proceeds from the white elephant sale benefit the oakland museum of california and continues tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 people. after retiring decades ago, japanese carmakerring nissan
10:35 pm
reviving the datsun brand. reuter revealing that nissan wants to have a brand in emerging markets. the car will be priced around $6200. the datsun name was retired in the 1980's, so nissan could put its own name on its cars. the listen-only rester a hawaiian subdivision is out of his house. the red roof that you see in that picture in the lower portion of the screen is jack thompson's home. he is the last resident of the royal gardens subdivision on the big island of hawai'i. thompson has had to evacuate his home before and now he says he hardly knows what to feel about the situation anymore, be it sorrow or relief. >> i have been packing in here for years, and maybe i won't have to do that any more. i will do something else. >> some 200 people used to live here thompson, but those former residents are now gone. it's not clear if thompson will be able to return to his home.
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the boys of summer are back. get your first look at tim lincecum and the 2012 edition of the san francisco giants later in sportswrap. if you liked today, you are probably going to like the weather tomorrow as well. meteorologist mark tamayo tells us where the temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the 70s.
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. well, today was kind of the day that lured people to the shore and at ocean beach you could find a little bit of everything from waders to surfers and even a horseback rider out. our ktvu cameraman captured this daredevil, but you also see a dolphin swimming along side. it was popping up. i don't know if you were able to see it too much.
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pretty neat. >> two dolphins swimming by. everybody out enjoying the beautiful weather and mark, more tomorrow. >> round two as we head into the second half of the week. beaches were crowded by midmorning today and probably expected the same thing for tomorrow. right now you can see on live stormtracker 2 the stormtrack heading to our north, with mostly clear skis. we warmed up and started to warm up form today and tomorrow, temperatures peaking across a good portion of the region. you can see the beautiful sunset. you can see looking out towards the golden gate bridge. sunset was at 6:06 for the first saturday of march and already off to a warm start. look at the numbers from it this afternoon. santa rosa, 72 degrees, san francisco in the upper 60s awn san josi just beautiful, in the
10:40 pm
lower 70s, right around 71. forecasted headlines for tonight, mostly clear. overnight lows tomorrow morning off to a cool start. the coolest locations in the 30s. san francisco at 46 and san josi startling out sunday morning in the lower 40s, right around 46789 high pressure, big homer in command of our weather. so as a result lots of sunshine for your sunday. temperatures a good on average, 8-12 degrees above normal. here is the bigger perspective, once again. the clouds heading way up to our north. a few changes beginning monday and into tuesday. this weather system moves in. this will bring in some cooling beginning monday and also into tuesday. by late monday night and into tuesday, we also bring anyway few extra clouds. here is our forecast model, of course, lots of sunshine for tomorrow. we'll take this into monday. mostly sunny skies. monday night though increasing clouds and overnight monday into tuesday, we could have a
10:41 pm
few sprinkles cross the bay area. but the main action scoots out to the north and east with decreasing clouds by tuesday afternoon. look at these numbers for tomorrow afternoon, the first sunday of march and 74 in santa rosa, brentwood, 72 and san josi, tops out 74 and santa cruz, the beach boardwalk beautiful at 74 degrees. here is your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. we'll trim back on the temperatures by monday. a few extra clouds for tuesday morning and warm up for wednesday and also into thursday. maureen and ken he was on autopilot mode putting in temperatures, and putting in these temperatures for the first weekend of march. >> that was kind of strange. thank you, mark. the sharks try to avoid their second straight shutout as they avoid the blues. >> and the dons and gaels in the wcc tournament with the
10:42 pm
winner going to the title game. sportswrap is next. ♪ [ slurps ] [ laughs ] ♪ oh! [ chomps ] [ slurps ] aah! [ chomps ] ahh! [ male announcer ] it's all that cinnamon and sugar that makes those crunchy little squares so irresistible. cinnamon toast crunch. part of this good breakfast. [ slurps ] [ chomps ] crave those crazy squares™. ahh!
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but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive.
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. good evening everyone. and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. the san josi sharks are in the middle of free fall that extends to home ice. you think there would be penallalities here. they were for too many men on the ice. back come the blues the other way. the puck takes

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